Potsdam-Berlin Wannsee-Potsdam

The biggest lake, the river Havel forms on Berlin‘s urban area is the lake „Great Wannsee“. Daily a ship runs between Potsdam and Berlin-Wannsee. There you can take the train to Berlin or you just enjoy another hour of shipping. Delightful riverscapes alternate with architectural monuments of the past: the castle and park area which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, the bridge „Glienicker Brücke“, the villas of the former Ufa – film stars situated at the lake „Griebnitzsee“ and the „Truman – Mansion“, the residence of the former American president Harry S. Truman in the days of the Potsdam Conference.

You can exit in Berlin Wannsee, near the train station towards center of Berlin, or return to Potsdam by boat along the Peacock Island, the Church at Sacrow, the New Garden with the Marble Palace and the famous Glienicker Bridge.


Tipp: Interaktive Tour durch die Potsdamer Seen- und Schlösserlandschaft

Termine: A Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday

March 15 - May 4

    Daily May 5 - October 5
    Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday October 11 - November 02
  B Daily May 5 - October 5
Departure times:  
From Potsdam Lange Brücke  
02:00 p.m.
05:00 p.m.
To Potsdam Lange Brücke  
04:00 p.m.
07:00 p.m.
Fare: 14,00 €
35,00 €


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